Our growing output capacity and technology provides us with high market competitiveness. We use sewing machines mainly from JUKI, Japan.

Our workforce is highly skilled and professionally trained, and their working conditions conform to the worker’s health and safety guidelines. We do not engage in child labour at our factories and workplaces.

Our clients are mainly large distributors and importers. However, we are looking at tapping potential new markets as well. At Opal International, we can boast of a long and loyal relationship with our clients.

Safety Workwear

There are several professions that are dangerous and involve high risks. Hence, it is necessary that employees who face possible bodily injury of any kind wear industrial safety clothing while performing their jobs. Employers are required to ensure that their employees wear personal protective equipment for the parts of the body exposed to possible injury.

The risks that the workers of different industries are exposed to are numerous and depend on the nature of the industry as well. Workplace hazards that could cause bodily injury include extreme temperatures, risk of open flame, cuts and abrasions, to name a few. Hence, there are different varieties of protective clothing available for specific hazards. Examples of industries where such hazards are high would be construction, mining, welding, oil, railway, chemical and steel industries.

Well-designed protective work wear clothing not only ensures the workers safety, but also instills pride in them. It makes them feel valued and also ensures that they don’t discard the issued work wear and substitute them with their own clothing or with inappropriate work wear. It lends a sense of uniformity at the workplace and gives it a feel of professionalism.

Safety clothing is a basic necessity at any work place. Proper awareness and safety laws are helping employers realize the importance of safety equipment and clothing. It is vital that all businesses have their staff prepared for any eventuality in terms of the protective gear they wear while working in a hazardous environment.